#Isleathon campaign:

#Isleathon was one of the most successful digital marketing campaigns in Scottish tourism in 2015. As one of the creators of the idea I worked alongside the Scotlanders and our partners Calmac to deliver a social media frenzy for Scotland’s glorious west coast islands. For my part I charged up to Barra and Vatersay in the Outer Hebrides and took in hillwalking, beach gawking and castle hunting – all for a good cause.

Focussed on written and visual content production and social media, the campaign saw 5 digital marketers turn the spotlight on 11 islands in one weekend. An enthusiastic social media melee saw over 4 million Twitter impressions and well in excess of 1 million followers, with mainstream media taking an active interest too. Working alongside local businesses and national bodies it was so successful that we’re going to make it a recurring event, with #Isleathon 2/Isleathon Harder/The Return of the Hebrides planned for May 2016. Star Wars watch out.